Why I Chose Job Fulfillment Over Money

Thomas Potter
Writer @ Sit Breathe Love

Having barely just got out of University - fresh faced and full of ideas, the first thing I desired is money. My mind screamed ‘NO MORE OVERDRAFT’ and ‘NO MORE SUPERNOODLES’. Luckily enough, I landed a job close to my parents home with very good pay doing what I wanted to do. The money was great - I could eat what and where I wanted, afford things I couldn’t even look at a year ago and I felt comfortable.

But that’s where it went wrong, I was comfortable. The job wasn’t challenging me intellectually. I found myself resenting pretty much everything to do with my job and waking up was becoming increasingly difficult. Part of me that was itching to do something challenging, creative and risky. So my mind started to say ‘I’m still young, I have plenty of time to be comfortable in my retirement’. So, I quit.

Luckily enough (again), I found a job that ticked all of those boxes. And I took a sizeable pay cut to do it. Now I get up every morning and I am excited at what the day holds, because no day is the same. I have responsibilities. My ideas are welcomed. I have the feeling of achievement, success and relief. These alone are worth more than anything money can buy. And sure enough this experience will lead to money, because they will pay for your experience, not for how much you previously earned (we’d like to think so anyway).

Money is subjective. It is worth what we think it is worth. Yes, new clothes are great and make you feel good momentarily. But if you want true happiness, happiness that comes from within, do something you love. Do something that will stretch your boundaries. It may lead to momentary stress, but come the end of the day, month or year you will have achieved great things and enjoyed yourself whilst doing it.

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