Simple Pleasures – What’s Your Poison

We put out a tweet the other day about simple pleasures:

A cup of tea, rain, log fires, walking barefoot on grass, white cotton sheets, notebooks - what are your simple pleasures?

— Sit. Breathe. Love (@SitBreatheLove)

We had some lovely responses...

@SitBreatheLove Having my hair washed, thrush song, silence.

— Jackie York (@jacoyork)

And this one...

@SitBreatheLove Open trails, fresh mountain air, sun rises, lake swims, starry skies, freshly baked anything.

— Jen Whalen (@mountainbound_)

We loved this one!

@SitBreatheLove sounds of nature, full moon, my son's laughter 🙂

— Pauline M. Kgwarapi (@mana_kay)

What really struck me about these simple pleasures is that they are...really simple! (I know that sounds, like, obvious...). Thinking about my own simple pleasures, I wonder if I even fully realise these things are pleasurable at the time I'm experiencing them. Or if (more likely) I'm too caught up with stuff to truly enjoy the things I love. I suspect it's the latter. And the fix? Well, meditation, mindfulness and being awake in my life. (A big ask for me!)

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed musing on my simple pleasures, and the pleasures of our followers! I was almost conjuring the enjoyment in my imagination as I was thinking about them.

And the other thing that struck me about these simple pleasures?

(This is just brilliant).

Most of them are FREE!

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