Relax your mind


This lovely little film is about how we connect with the world. If we were to go through our lives with our fists clenched and tense, we wouldn’t be able to use our hands very well. We couldn’t reach out, touch, hold or create quite so easily. By having relaxed hands, we are able to do everything we need to do – in our work, our relationships, our activities and in how we express ourselves. We need to relax.

In the same way if we go through life with a clenched, tense mind we experience the same effect. Everything is much harder to do. It takes more effort. Trying to connect with the world when we have a closed up mind is frustrating. It makes us feel angry and irritated because it takes so much more effort to achieve what we want, and even then the results are not so good.

By opening our mind gently, we can do so much more. This is why we need to relax our mind.

This is what this film’s about.

We really hope you like it. 🙂


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