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I have found so many contradictions and so much confusion around nutrition. I am sure you have too. Just when you think you are doing something right, someone you know (or someone you don’t!) or the media will tell you otherwise. Whoever is giving you advice is usually saying it with so much conviction that it really is believable. If only someone would tell us the right answers always! Well good news, there is someone that will tell you what’s right for you … Do you know who that is? It is YOU – well, your higher self, intuition, inner guidance, or whatever you want to call it …

Several little birdies have told me that apparently we are on this earth to make choices so we can learn certain lessons to remember who we really are. This can happen by making so-called mistakes, to find out what works and what doesn’t, and to learn about contrast. We sometimes need to become so out of balance and to experience so much pain to be inspired to find ways to bring ourselves back into balance – almost like losing our way to find it again. If we don’t experience the negative, then how will we know and appreciate the positive?

Initially, I was taught that certain things are bad for us and others are good for us. I have now realised that there is no ‘good or bad’, or ‘right or wrong’. There are no mistakes: everything happens for a reason, and things are ‘meant to be’. If we choose something that we believe is ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ for us, then this causes more harm, through having guilty feelings about eating a certain food. What nourishes us in the moment might not be the healthiest choice, and this might be puzzling to the conscious mind. However, if we were truly living in the moment, we wouldn’t judge our actions and would just trust what was coming from the heart and not the head.

I would recommend that you follow your heart and inner guidance, doing your best to let go of any restrictions you have put on yourself in the past.

Get creative, intuitive and make magical creations from foods you are drawn to, which will tantalise your taste buds in a healthy way. Clear all the conflicting advice you’ve heard and listen to your inner voice. Whatever you decide to eat, eat with presence, love and acceptance, chew well and enjoy. This will make any food more alkaline, easier to digest and have a more positive effect on every cell of your body.


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