Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year again. The colour red will be plastered around shops, high streets and your tv screens. The colour of love, passion, energy but for some it can be bittersweet.  For those without a significant other, Valentine’s day can be a painful time of the year. Especially for those who have lost loved ones.

For those who are still members of the Lonely Hearts Club this Valentine’s day, we ask you to spend a day loving yourself. We don’t mean taking thousands of selfies, but a deeper, kinder, gentler love. Here are a few ways you could spend Valentine’s day as a single person.

1) Spend the day doing something you really love doing. Whether that’s taking a long walk, baking cakes, reading books or binge watching David Attenborough documentaries, wishing someone would show you the love David shows animals - even those ghastly insects. Do something that makes you happy.

2) Pamper yourself and love your body. Book a spa day or get your hair done and boost your self-confidence. Maybe you could even go to the gym? Chances are everyone in there will be single too. Go get ‘em tiger! Even a quick fix of yoga will help you feel good.

3) Take time to think about other loved ones. Valentine’s day shouldn’t just be about romantic love. It should be about all types of love. If you have loved ones who may be alone on Valentine’s day too, give them a call or pop round for a visit. Even if they decline, they’ll certainly appreciate the thought.

4) Have a drink with friends - single ones obviously, because your loved-up friends will be covered in rose petals, chocolates and clichés. Spend time chatting, laughing, catching up. It’s just another evening – don’t dwell on what you expected Valentine’s Day to be if it’s not quite worked out how you hoped.

If all that fails soothe your heart pamper yourself with food and drink your body loves, music to calm your soul and really savour the time you spend by yourself.

Don’t, whatever you do, get drunk and look up your ex on Facebook. You’ll feel worse. Trust us. We know.

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