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 Paul Day
Creative Writer / Producer at Rock FM and is also a keen Screenwriter in his spare time. He also suffers from depression and blogs about his progress at



Hey You, Yeah You.

You’re awesome! No I mean it, these days the world is filled with so much negativity that I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for being you.

You know, people are what make this planet special and if you’re feeling down - THEN DON’T, because you are special.

You look great… what? Don’t believe me? Get rid of your negative self-beliefs! They’re not working for you – ask yourself, do you feel happier when you tell yourself you’re less than perfect? Of course you don’t. So why put yourself through it?

Everyone in this world is beautiful. Everyone. You’re a miracle of life! You’re a wonder of biology!

So smile gorgeous, you’re killing it!

You are a success – everything you do might not turn to gold, of course not, you might not feel like you have achieved nothing… BUT you are a success, you’re here, alive and well and reading this article. You’re top dog at being alive! Yeah love, money and travel are all great but humans are here to survive and keep the population ticking over. You’re still here living life!

You’re a great person – yeah you may have some stuff to work on BUT you will definitely have touched someone’s life. Whether that’s your partner, friend, family or even a stranger… you have helped or guided them in some way. Whether it was a gift, a piece of advice or just a smile in the street, you have helped make someone’s day brighter.

So remember, when the world gets you down just keep smiling, because this world is better with you in it.

Positivity is infectious, go spread some

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