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13 Mindful Relationship Hacks: Using Adversity for Growth

authorLisa Love Lisa Love, MS, RN has been a mindfulness-junkie before it was a thing, which probably means she was a mindbody nerd before that was even a thing. content Relationships are a work in progress. Foundational to having healthy, sustaining, nurturing relationships is the quality of your connection to yourself and the present moment.  […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

contentCheck out our Mother’s Day video below and watch as a young boy thoughtfully prepares breakfast for his mother, who then decides to share it with him too. Show gratitude this Mother’s Day and be thankful for all that you have.   A short film about a boy who thoughtfully prepares breakfast for his mother. […]

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How To Cope With Mother’s Day If You’re Grieving

author Emma Clarke Broadcaster, voiceover, writer, slattern – content Mother’s Day can be unbearably difficult if you’ve not got a mum to celebrate with. It can also be painful if you’ve not got children. The reminder of ‘motherness’ can reopen old wounds and cause difficult memories to resurface. I lost my mum in 1993, before […]

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My Love Life Is My Hobby

This post originally appeared on Mindful. Author, Cheryl Fraser. Voyagerix/Dollar Photo Club My best friend Lori, whom I met in a Scottish highland dancing class when we were nine years old, has a strange hobby. She runs 100-mile ultra marathons in the mountains. For fun. I know, crazy, right? Because I’m the sane one, my […]

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How To Mindfully Deal With Jerks

This post originally appeared on Mindful. Author, Elisha Goldstein. kantver/Dollar Photo Club There’s a practice I’ve been doing for a while that is so simple and yet so impactful in working with difficult people and also bringing a sense of balance and perspective in the moment, it’s almost shocking to me. I live in Los […]

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