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82 commandments for a good life

author Katy Ratican Freelance copywriter, blogger and social media manager. Check out her blog content Film director Alejandro Jodorowsky (pictured below) has shared some lessons and commandments for leading a good life. They aren’t his pearls of wisdom though; they belong to spiritual instructor George Ivanovich Gurdjieff. Jodorowsky learnt of them via Gurdjieff’s daughter […]

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What do you do when you really dislike someone?

author Katy Ratican Freelance copywriter, blogger and social media manager. Check out her blog content It’s a fact of life that no matter how much you try to project ‘good vibes only’ into the world, at some point you will clash with somebody you really, truly dislike. We’re talking a severely negative reaction to […]

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13 Mindful Relationship Hacks: Using Adversity for Growth

authorLisa Love Lisa Love, MS, RN has been a mindfulness-junkie before it was a thing, which probably means she was a mindbody nerd before that was even a thing. content Relationships are a work in progress. Foundational to having healthy, sustaining, nurturing relationships is the quality of your connection to yourself and the present moment.  […]

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Happy Mother’s Day

contentCheck out our Mother’s Day video below and watch as a young boy thoughtfully prepares breakfast for his mother, who then decides to share it with him too. Show gratitude this Mother’s Day and be thankful for all that you have.   A short film about a boy who thoughtfully prepares breakfast for his mother. […]

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How To Cope With Mother’s Day If You’re Grieving

author Emma Clarke Broadcaster, voiceover, writer, slattern – content Mother’s Day can be unbearably difficult if you’ve not got a mum to celebrate with. It can also be painful if you’ve not got children. The reminder of ‘motherness’ can reopen old wounds and cause difficult memories to resurface. I lost my mum in 1993, before […]

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Hey You

author  Paul Day Creative Writer / Producer at Rock FM and is also a keen Screenwriter in his spare time. He also suffers from depression and blogs about his progress at content Hey You, Yeah You. You’re awesome! No I mean it, these days the world is filled with so much negativity that I […]

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Are Facebook’s New ‘Reactions’ Good For Our Wellbeing?

author Katy Ratican Freelance copywriter, editor, social media manager and blogger – Check out her blog Katy Said What? content Credit: Facebook Facebook recently announced that it is giving users more options when it comes to reacting to friends status updates and photos. Now, alongside the blue ‘like’ thumb we all know, new icons will include […]

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