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Relax your mind

  This lovely little film is about how we connect with the world. If we were to go through our lives with our fists clenched and tense, we wouldn’t be able to use our hands very well. We couldn’t reach out, touch, hold or create quite so easily. By having relaxed hands, we are able […]

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6 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

authorChrissy Jones Psychology graduate, Pharmacy PhD student, newlywed and blogger. Twitter: Facebook: Blog: content All of us suffer with not being able to sleep at some point in our lives, and I’m sure if you have ever experienced it you’ll understand how frustrating it can be lying there in the dark trying desperately […]

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These 9 Running Mantras Will Change Your Life

author Emma Clarke Broadcaster, voiceover, writer, slattern. content I run beautifully I’ll level with you: sometimes when I run people stare at me and I don’t think it’s because they’re impressed with my form. I’m probably an alarming sight as I lumber up the hill, a purple-faced, peri-menopausal vision in Lycra. But when I’m running, […]

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Nutrition For Now

author Julie Silver Vitality Fairy – contentImage: Getty Images I have found so many contradictions and so much confusion around nutrition. I am sure you have too. Just when you think you are doing something right, someone you know (or someone you don’t!) or the media will tell you otherwise. Whoever is giving you advice […]

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