Boxed Water Is Better?

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So apparently Boxed Water Is Better. And it's not just a clever marketing ploy to sell us water. Admittedly, bottled, boxed or canned water has a huge strain on our environment but there is a HUGE market for fresh clean water on the shelves. So why not chose the better option?

The aptly named company from Grand Rapids, Michigan have changed the way consumers think about bottled water. Bottled water itself is a commodity that we don't necessarily need, many of us have immediate access to clean water at home and in work. However, due to the availability of bottled water, we think it's the easier option to buy off the shelves. Consumers also think bottled water is much cleaner and tastes better, but again this is another bit of clever marketing by bottled water companies.

Bottled water has a huge detrimental impact on the environment. Plastic bottles takes up to 450 years to decompose and are slowly filling up our land fills. This is where Boxed Water comes in. Although it is still a manufactured product, the environmental impact of the cardboard packaging is much smaller and the packaging is even bio-degradable, meaning it spends much less time in landfill.

Boxed Water are also getting their hands dirty with the 'Re-tree project' which aims to plant 1 Million trees in the next five years. To add to that, they are campaigning 'One Small Thing' which aims to educate consumers on how they can reduce their environmental impact in the cleverest of ways. So they're more than just a sustainable product, they're a sustainable company too.

Their clear mission to 'Inspire a better tomorrow by rethinking packaged water today' coupled with their beautiful design and imagery makes for a strong competitor to bottled water.

You can order Boxed Water via their website.

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