9 Foods That Go Together But Really REALLY Shouldn’t


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Peanut butter and Marmite
Yes, we know this sounds vile but work with us on this. On toast (ideally wholemeal) this is GORGEOUS. Admittedly, it doesn't look great but the taste is divine. Great for exercise nuts too!

PB & Marmite

Banana and avocado
Mush it together and this becomes a silky smooth dip of the gods. Kids love it too. A great way for them to get a fresh vitamin fix. Just tell them it's 'magic green.' (Tip, don't make it and leave it. Eat it while it's fresh, otherwise it goes a distressing shade of grey. Not sexy).

Pringles and Nutella
This is lush. The piquant salty burst of the Pringles against the sultriness of nutty chocolate is divine. Dangerously addictive...


Philadelphia cheese and grapes
On a sandwich (again, ideally wholemeal bread) this is deeelish. The velvety texture of the soft cheese coupled with the glorious explosion of grape is sandwich heaven. (Tip, red grapes work best and have an earthier taste. Yum).

Oreos in orange juice
Who needs cookies and milk when you can dip an Oreo in some juice? The orangey goodness infuses the wondrous dark chocolate disks and trust us, you're in heaven. (Tip, don't let go of the Oreo during dipping, otherwise CALAMITY ARISES).

Brie and Jam sandwiches
Not too much brie, not too much jam. That's the rule with this one. Oh, and use raspberry jam instead of strawberry. It's not as sweet and gives your sandwich a tangy bit of oomph.


Strawberry and basil slushie
Blitz strawberries, basil, ice and water to make this wonderfully aromatic slump-buster. Perfect as a mid-afternoon drink.

Olive oil and ice-cream
Honestly, this isn't the raving of a mad person. It honestly works. The olive oil smooths out the ice-cream and gives it a certain luxuriousness. Try it. Truly.

Sesame and chocolate
Many wonderful things go with chocolate (avocado, orange, mint, coconut...we could go on. Heck , we've tried them all) but adding some sesame seeds to melted chocolate is just outta this world. Glorious. Especially poured over vanilla ice-cream...but you never heard me say that out loud, OK?

Do you have any quirky food combos? Leave your comments in the section below.

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