7 Days Of Mindfulness: Day 7 – You Can Be Mindful In Everything

7 days of mindfulness is a campaign to raise awareness of the different situations you can incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Check back every day to see a range of activities you can be mindful in. Day 6 was breathing.

Today we're focusing on how you can be mindful in all activities. As you already know, mindfulness is about living in the moment, non-judgementally. So practicing mindfulness can be done in any and every activity. By paying attention to the senses, small details and yourself in every activity you will begin to see the benefits of practicing mindfulness. However, we don't suggest you go at this head on and try and be mindful 24/7. Find what activities suit you and start there.

Start by slowing down your activities. Pay attention to the way you feel. Try to access each and every sense. What does it feel like? What can you smell? What can you hear?


What activities do you enjoy being mindful in? Leave your comments below.

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