7 Days Of Mindfulness: Day 5 – Walking

7 days of mindfulness is a campaign to raise awareness of the different situations you can incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Check back every day to see a range of activities you can be mindful in. Day 4 was eating.

Today's activity is walking. Mindfulness can be incorporated into walking no matter if it's a long walk round your local park or walking around the office at work. It can be done anywhere. By being mindful whilst walking, you will stop your mind from wandering and let your legs do all of the exploring. Walking mindfully is a great way to break up a busy and hectic day and relax.

Pay attention to the way your feet feel on the floor. If you can go barefoot, do it! Feel the different textures and temperatures and awaken your senses. Whilst walking, soak in the scenery around you, whether it be trees and lakes or office desks and chairs. Listen intently to all of the different sounds. And finally, feel your breath as you slowly breathe in and out.


Taking regular walks throughout the day has been proven to improve creativity and productivity. Do you take regular walks throughout the day? Tell us how it affects you below!

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