7 Days Of Mindfulness: Day 2 – Exercise

7 days of mindfulness is a campaign to raise awareness of the different situations you can incorporate mindfulness into everyday life. Check back every day to see a range of activities you can be mindful in. Day 1 was work.

Today's activity is exercise. Exercise is an important part of many of our lives and helps us reduce stress and keep our body fit and healthy. By including mindfulness into your exercise routine and focusing on the activities you are performing, exercise can become a much more enjoyable.

By paying close attention to the movements and exercises you are performing you will start to find more enjoyment in the actual activity of exercise, rather than the resulting benefits such as looking and feeling healthy.  Also by consciously being aware that by exercising you are taking care of your body and promoting a longer, healthier life, you will find that exercise become less of a laborious task and a more enjoyable one.


Mindfulness has been proven to help weight control when included in exercising and eating. Check back tomorrow for more tips on how to be mindful in everyday life.

Do you practice mindfulness whilst exercising? Do you feel that it helps keep you motivated and focused?

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