6 Ways To Boost Your Confidence Through Mindfulness


Katy Ratican
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Obstacles to confidence are inevitable in life, but rather than let them take over, and spin you into a pattern of negative thinking, choose instead to learn from those setbacks. But how? You can achieve your goals and boost your self-confidence through mindfulness.

Top tips for building your confidence

  1. Recognise when you are on autopilot

It’s almost impossible to be mindful when we are on autopilot, as we’re always thinking about the chore we need to do, the project we need to finish, or what to have for dinner. On autopilot, we have virtually no awareness of what we need now. By recognising this, you have the opportunity to switch to your present need. This will calm your state of mind, bring you a greater sense of control and will make you feel more confident in your decisions.

  1. Banish those ‘I can’t’ thoughts

Easier said than done, right? Well, not exactly. But as with most things, it will take some practice. As soon are you think ‘I can’t…’, pay attention to it. Learning to notice the thoughts that say you can’t do something is the most difficult bit. When you notice them, remind yourself that you are in control of what to do next; if you want to do something, you can.

  1. Assemble a confidence team

We can achieve so much on our own, but we’d be nothing without our support network. Write a list of the people who encourage you. Make the effort to contact them regularly and don’t be afraid to let go of those that drain you of energy.

  1. Learn from the past

If something you have tried in the past has failed, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Instead, acknowledge that you tried something, it didn’t work but now, you might be able to learn something from it. Learning will help to boost your confidence, so never, ever stop.

  1. Try, try and try again

Whatever it is you do, or whatever goal you want to achieve, persevere. You can do whatever you set your mind to, but you have to try. The more you stick with it, the more likely it is your confidence will grow.

  1. Write down your achievements

The mind is a funny thing, isn’t it? It’s wired to focus on what we haven’t done, rather than review everything we have achieved. So it’s easy for us to forget all the good stuff. Start each new day with a to-do list and take a moment to notice when you cross a task off, however small. This habit can do wonders for your confidence.


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