6 Things Your Mum Would Love This Mother’s Day


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Flowers, chocolates and cards are all lovely, but experiences and quality time with loved ones is priceless. Yes, we all wish we could buy our Mums a private island that holds everything she’s ever dreamed of, because in our younger years Mums give us all they have. But unless you’re a millionaire - which I’m most certainly not, we’ve rounded up some heart warming and wallet friendly ideas that your Mum is just going to love!

1) Afternoon Tea

Mums are suckers for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, especially if they’re English! Your run-of-the-mill afternoon tea will serve a selection of tea, coffee, cakes and sandwiches. Others offer Prosecco or other little twists to make it extra special. The best part? You get to spend quality time with your Mum.


2) Spa Day or Massage

What better way to treat your Mum to a relaxing massage. Mother’s day is all about letting your Mum relax her usual Mothering duties for one day. So treating her to a long massage is surely a way to help her relax and enjoy this special day.

3) Craft Workshop

My Mum absolutely loves making things and yours probably does too. I could probably make a house out of all the crochet blankets we have. So why not take your Mum to a craft shop and create something that she’ll never forget. Or if there aren’t any craft shops in your area, buy a load of materials yourself and get your Mum involved.

4) Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t want breakfast in bed? Even if you’re not a michelin star chef, it’s the thought that counts. Cook your Mum a dish from her favourite chef or take the easy route and go for a breakfast. Finallt, decorate the tray with some lovely flowers and a mother’s day card and you’re good to go.

5) Cake!

Again, you may not be the best chef in the world but I’m sure you’ve sat through enough of Great British Bake off to know a thing or two about baking. Simnel cakes are a traditional Mother’s day treat. Simnel cakes are a light fruit cake covered with a layer of marzipan and with a layer of marzipan baked into the middle of the cake. Check out a simple recipe here. Sounds delicious!

6) And if for whatever reason you can’t do any of the above - Just give your Mum a big hug 🙂

All Mums ever want is a bit of affection. And if you’re like me, your teenage years were a draught of loving affection for your Mum, so make up for it and start making a habit of hugging your Mum, it’s your Mum for god’s sake!


We hope you enjoyed our mother’s day ideas. Be sure to check back on Mother’s day for more great content.

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