5 Ways Exercise Improves Your Quality of Life

Amy Mia Goldsmith
Amy is a biology graduate from Melbourne and a fitness enthusiast. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page and Twitter.


You probably know that exercise is beneficial for you. You just do not have time to go to the gym regularly. Or you are too tired after a day at the office to even lift a finger, let alone do some serious cardio or lifting? Or you just lack motivation? We are here to convince you that religious training will make all these problems go away.

1. Exercise controls weight


Whether you want to lose excess weight or avoid the weight loss boomerang effect, regular exercise is the healthiest way to achieve both. The more you exercise, the more calories you will burn, and once you make it a habit, it will be easier to maintain your weight level. The good thing about exercising is that going to the gym and jogging are not the only legitimate forms of training. Even walking to the store counts as exercise. Knowing this will help you find more time to exercise. Simply get more active in your everyday chores. Play some music while you are doing household chores and dance to it. Always run a little late to your appointments. This will make you pick up the pace.

2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases


Regular physical activity can fight off many diseases, but it is the most effective against cardiovascular diseases. When you are active, your body produces more HDL. This is the good type of cholesterol which improves your health and reduces the risk of heart failure and high blood pressure. Exercise can prevent stroke, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and arthritis. Also, it improves your balance and movement control. Falls will be history, as well as broken bones. Some studies suggest that being active can prolong your life. And if you are healthy and strong, you will be able to better enjoy those extra years you get through exercise.

3. You'll get an instant confidence boost


We are not talking just about being confident about your physical appearance . Sure, when you look good, you feel even better. But this feeling of being able to do anything with your body, transfers to all other spheres in your life. You will learn to push yourself harder at work, too. That promotion you always dreamed of might finally come true. You will be more confidence around other people, attracting more partners and friends, and enjoying your social life more. If you are taking up exercise seriously, you should invest in the right gym apparel to optimise your workout. I recommend Ryder Wear gym shoes and apparel. They are primarily designed to absorb sweat and keep your body cool while you exercise, but the new women’s collection will make you look so good, that you will instantly feel more confident.

4. Exercise boosts energy


Exercise is known to release endorphins and serotonin, the feel-good hormones that bring the feelings of euphoria and happiness. Depression stands no chance against them. And when you mood is good, you will have more energy to deal with grocery shopping and children’s homework. Regular physical activity also improves your muscle strength, and helps your endure more chores throughout the day.

5. You'll get to eat as much as you want


Exercise stimulates your appetite. But you should not worry about eating more. Remember, the more you exercise, the more calories you burn and those calories come from food. Everything you ingest will go to good use. You will be building strong muscles. If you exercise and starve yourself, the body finds other ways to ‘feed’ itself – it takes the protein from your muscle mass. As long as you establish a healthy diet, you do not need to be obsessed about how much calories you take in. With regular exercise, you can even give yourself a break from time to time and commit a nutritional sin.

Have we motivated you to incorporate more physical activity in your life?

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