5 Reasons Working At Home Increases Your Productivity

I recently began working from home and to answer your question - yes, all you office folk should be envious. Working from home has given me the opportunity to understand myself and how I work. Although it may not be for everyone, it’s totally for me. And here’s a few reasons why;

Flexibility - You can work how and when you want to work. No 9 - 5. No restrictions… but you still have deadlines (thumbs down emoji). The ability to be flexible allows you to have a great work-life balance but still get stuff done.


Understanding yourself - When you work from home you really become in-tune with when you work best. If your brainiest moments happen at 11:14 at night, you should work with it. Not everyone is an early bird. Some of us are overnight owls though.


Time to think - Ideas can’t be forced, they simply just happen. And sometimes your mind just isn’t working. Being able to get up off your seat and go for a walk may seem a waste of time, but refreshing the mind when it’s needed can be the difference between a brilliant idea and no idea at all.


Being yourself - If singing loudly and way out of tune makes you happy, who’s going to stop you? But if you do that in the office you’ll a) probably be the at the butt of some bad x-factor type jokes and b) never sing again.


(Why does this photo exist??)

Commuting sucks - Even if you convince yourself the night before ‘I’ll do this on the train’ … chances are you won’t. You'll have to go in early just to finish the work or have a mini panic attack when you wake up late. Who wants to read through a legal contract whilst sat next to a random stranger who has Adele playing way too loudly anyway?569283277836354716_1393026007

Yes, working at home might sound lonely, but that means you have time to yourself. More importantly; time to think and be mindful about your work, resulting in it being much more thoughtful and creative. My dog keeps me company anyway.

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