3 Reasons Why Meditation Will Do Wonders For Your Creativity

This post originally appeared on Daily Zen. Author, Bo Muchoki. is one of the most awesome and God-like qualities that we have. It gives us the power to imagine up life-changing books, websites, breathtaking paintings, beautiful songs, or thought-provoking films from scratch. It allows us to bring masterpieces to life from nothing.

Because our creativity is so powerful and world-changing, many of us will go to great lengths to stir up those creative juices. We’ll go for walks. We’ll go to the gym. We’ll read dozens of books. We’ll engage in conversations. And some of us will even consume psychedelic drugs like LSD—all in the pursuit of boosting our creativity.

As many things as there are out there for boosting your imagination, I’ve found that the simplest, the most effective, and by far the most powerful way to improve your creativity is through consistent meditation.

In addition to offering you peace, fearlessness, tranquillity, compassion, clarity, and happiness, sitting in daily Meditation Will Do Wonders For Your Creativity.

Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. Negative emotions are creative blocks. meditation will erase your negativity.

As a writer, I often hear people say that they either hate writing or don’t believe they have enough creativity in them to launch a blog or write an entire book.

And truthfully—no matter who you are—I don’t think that’s ever the case.

We may not all be writers. But all human beings have creativity in some form or fashion.

You don’t have to be blessed with natural creative talent to author a book, launch a blog post, paint a portrait, or create a film. Lacking creativity isn’t the true obstacle that holds us back from fully expressing our artistic talents.

The true obstacle that blocks us from expressing our creative potential is negativity. Negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions—like anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness—are toxic blocks to our creativity. They feed into procrastination and writer’s block. And they hamper us from expressing our most creative ideas and artwork.

We all suffer from negative emotions at different points in our lives.

But thankfully, the answer for erasing your negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions and tapping into your true creative potential is simple: Meditate!

Meditation is a simple practice that—if done on a daily or regular basis—will effectively clear out your toxic anxiety, stress, depression, loneliness, and negativity.

And when that toxic negativity is gone, you’ll be left with nothing but crystal clear clarity and never-ending creativity.

You’ll have access to your best ideas!

2. Creative ideas, insinghts and inspiration may come to you as you meditate!

Have you ever had a moment when you were either struggling to remember something or struggling to produce the right creative idea and as soon as you walked away or stopped thinking about it, the perfect idea suddenly just popped into your mind when you were least expecting it?

This happens to people everywhere all the time because creativity is a process that you can’t force. You can’t force the right ideas or insights into your mind. The creativity just flows in and out of your mind without your permission. It just flows.

And without a way to speed up that process, producing the right creative ideas can be frustrating.

Well thankfully, frustration does not have to be a part of your creative process. Because a technique for speeding up that process and consistently producing the right creative ideas already exists.

It’s called meditation!

By far, one of the coolest benefits of meditation—especially Transcendental Meditation—is that there’s always a chance that helpful ideas, insights, and concepts may suddenly just pop into your mind during your meditation sessions.

Though you shouldn’t go into your sessions expecting powerful creative ideas to come to mind, there’s always a possibility that a helpful or even life-changing idea may suddenly just appear in your mind as you’re meditating. And what makes it even better is that as you get deeper and deeper into your meditation practice, those helpful insights will begin to dawn on you more and more often—even when you’re not in the middle of meditating.

So if you’re currently banging your head against your desk trying to produce the perfect idea for a project, don’t despair.

Try taking a break from your work for a quick meditation session.

It’s not guaranteed that something great will come to you. But the insights that do pop into your head could change your life!

3. Creative work requires alone-time. Meditation eliminates loneliness.

One of the most formidable obstacles to fulfilling your creative potential is the enormous amount of time you need to spend alone to write your first book or deliver your first masterpiece.

For many of us, spending a ton of time alone can be uncomfortable—especially if loneliness is a negative emotion that you struggle with. Coming from someone who has written a book before, writing a full-length book will always be an uphill battle for you if you don’t like being alone.

Thankfully loneliness is actually a curable problem. There’s a simple and powerful loneliness-buster out there that will make sure that feeling alone will never be a problem of yours again: sitting in meditation.

One of the most awesome rewards of meditation is that if you practice consistently for months, years, or decades, your loneliness will slowly begin to disappear. As you go deeper and deeper into your meditation practice, you’ll go from being lonely all the time to feeling lonely every now and then. Then eventually you’ll reach the point where you no longer remember what loneliness felt like in the first place!

Daily meditation is going to instill you with an unshakable feeling of being connected to everything and everyone in the universe. When that feeling of being connected to everyone and everything becomes your normal, your loneliness—no matter how bad it is—will gradually fade away.

And when being alone no longer bothers you like it used to, you’ll have the freedom work on your creative projects for potentially unlimited periods of time.

So if you do creative work in any capacity—and I think we all do—what are you waiting for?

Take up meditation!

It will clear out your negative emotions, give you access to sudden creative insights, and eliminate your counterproductive loneliness.

Meditation Will Do Wonders For Your Creativity

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