10 Simple Ways To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Life


We associate mindfulness, meditation and all things 'zen' with being in a calm, tranquil place with no distractions. That certainly isn't the case. You can incorporate mindfulness into pretty much everything you do - even nipping to the loo, if that's your thing.

Here are 10 ways to be mindful in everyday life. Try these out and become the master of your own mind. The Mr. Miyagi of Mindfulness if you may.

1. Turn away from the computer/tablet/smartphone and sit for a moment. How do you feel? What can you hear? Enjoy leading an offline world for a minute or two.

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2. When you take the first bite of any meal, take a moment to really pay attention to the taste, texture and how your body reacts to the food.

3. Really focus when you're brushing your teeth. Remind yourself that this is an act of self-love and you're taking care of your body.

4. Practice mindfulness in emails: give your thoughts and words 100% of your attention.


5. Slow down daily activities to half-speed. Notice how you feel, how the time passes and what you experience moment by moment.

6. Try hand movement meditation. Just focus on moving the hands slowly and mindfully, whatever you're doing.

7. Meditate while cooking: send love and positive energy into the foods you are preparing for you and your loved ones.


8. If staring into space is your thing, try fixed-gazing meditation. Focus on one object - start slowly and do it for 15-20 seconds.

9. Meditate when exercising: give each move purpose. Incorporate your breath with your movements and let your body flow effortlessly.

10. Breathing meditation can be done pretty much anywhere. Except probably under-water, yeah?484691629


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