10 Signs You Are Ready To Change Your Life


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1. You read articles like this onecoffee-flower-reading-magazine-large.

Feeling antsy? Beginning to consider making some changes? Articles like this are sure to catch your eye. Think about want to change and how you want to go about doing it. Small changes might be appropriate, or maybe you feel you need to completely revolutionise your life. When you're considering change, there are some thoughts you just can't unthink. Take it easy and change the stuff you can handle. Sometimes total, overwhelming change can be too much to cope with. So be gentle with yourself.

2. You start thinking about your values and if your current life is matching up.

If you've got the 'square peg in a round hole' feeling, where you feel out of step with the people and circumstances in your life, you're probably feeling the pull to move on. Perhaps you've been through a big life event that's caused you to reassess who you are, what you want and how you want to live. If it'll help, make a list of your core values - the essential things that make you YOU - and then check if your life is a good fit for those values. If not, you'll more than likely want to change something radical.

3. You re-evaluate your goals.

What do you want from life? Does your job allow you to fulfil your goals? Does your partner? Really think about how you want to spend your time. Think about the changes you'll have to make to accommodate those goals, and if those changes are practical. Make sure that your goals are truly yours. We all have wishes that, if we're truly honest, are pipedreams. Be mindful of throwing the smooth running of your life over for impractical, unworkable fantasies. Keep it real, keep it doable.

4. You start to sabotage relationships in subtle ways

If you've outgrown some of your relationships, you might find yourself avoiding replying to texts and emails. You might be making excuses about why you 'just can't make it' when someone tries to see you. You might let people down and not fulfil tasks you've agreed to do - there are so many subtle ways you can undermine relationships almost unconsciously. Be sure you really do want to call time on these relationships, as when bridges are burnt they're tricky to rebuild.

5. You create a vision board that's a world away from where you are now

Ever created a vision board? They're a great way to focus your mind. We love using Pinterest - you can create a secret board that's for your eyes only, or for collaboration with someone you trust. Pick images, quotes, anything that chimes with your vision. And when you've done that, see if the vision you have of your future fits within your existing life. If it doesn't, you're probably looking for a fresh start.

6. You adopt new habits.

photo-1426024025799-8cf58f5df5a4When you start to do new things, you'll find your life - and your mind - opens up in surprising new ways. Meditation, yoga, healthy eating and exercise can introduce you to a new mindset and a whole new set of people. If you feel your mindset beginning to change, you're on the cusp of external changes. The shape of your day may alter to make room for new hobbies and activities.

7. You ditch old habits.

We all have habits that aren't helpful. Smoking, drinking, spending too much, eating too much, over-apologising, taking too much responsibility, not relaxing enough, feeling jealous - we all have loads of them. Spot the habits that no longer work for you and do your best to stop doing them. Put more positive habits in their place and shift your thinking. Feel like reaching for a tub of ice-cream? Ask yourself if you're genuinely hungry. Want to check up on an ex on social media? Ask yourself if you'll honestly feel better afterwards. By ditching old habits, we can become a new version of ourselves.

8. You end relationships that aren't working for you any more.

Ending relationships is never easy and if we want to move away from the people who are closest to us, it can be very painful. If you can honestly tell yourself you've tried everything you can to salvage a relationship that's dear to you, then you've probably reached the point of no return. If a relationship is painful and is stressing you out, then something has to change for the sake of your wellbeing. Work out what that change looks like for you. Sometimes the process of making the decision to end - or change - a relationship is more painful than making the change itself. Take some time to think about whether you genuinely want to end a relationship or if you need some time to reset your boundaries. You don't have to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

9. You change your job.

If your work is causing you to feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied and unappreciated, you'll more than likely be considering changing your job, perhaps your whole career. Think about talking to co-workers, your boss, asking for a pay rise, getting some training, retraining - would that be better than resigning? If you've thought it through, make your plans to get a new job and move on to a role that suits you better.

10. You get a haircut.

Coco Chanel said "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." Do you agree with that? Think back to all the times you've had a haircut or a style makeover and whether that's heralded a new version of yourself, an external symbol of your personal growth. If you are going for a new look, think about what kind of image you'll be projecting. Is it a true reflection of who you really are? If you're changing your appearance, think about if it's how you want to present yourself to the world.


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